A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones. - Proverbs 17:22

Thursday, April 7, 2011

an epiphany...

Why the self-proclaimed MILF up top? Am I so self-centered that I need to let the new reader know I'm sexy? No,kind of, read on. First off,  I blame my husband for my overbearing confidence because despite my seemingly bipolar tendencies to tell him off on occasion, he still loves me to death.

Second of all, my self-proclaimed milf status comes from the very fact that I am a mother and I take such great pride in that role that I want the new reader and devoted reader to know my status as a mother is one that will very often be discussed in some, if not all, of my postings.

This blog has evolved from my attempt to inspire, entertain and motivate women to love themselves, embrace motherhood and indulge in their lovers' love. Translation: I was trying to post material on living an anti-depressive lifestyle. Then I thought I really wanted to post interior decor, but it turns out all I cared about was making my home inviting and joyous for the little boys (and big boy) in my life.

So, what is my epiphany? I really, really love my kids and my role as mother and wife. I want all this to translate into my postings and future business. I've been wanting to open up my etsy shop of home goods for the longest time but I haven't felt inspired enough. So when I discovered my interest in decor was for bringing joy to the family and for the little ones,  it all made sense.

 Will this change my blog in any way? No, not really. These are just the ramblings of a mother and wife talking. I think it came about from viewing beautiful sites such as A Subtle Revelry which I mentioned here, and the Kids' Issue of Sweet Paul available here.

Presently, Subtle Revelry blog has a super cute little mask idea for this coming Easter, availble here.

[ Photos: large, The Cool Hunter; left, Daily Candy; right, Sweet Dream ]


  1. I like your post and your epiphany! Sometimes we want to do so many things at once, but I learned that you sometimes you just have to let go, and let your ideas flow. I'm not a mother, but I bet it's really cool being one. I'm sure you're really proud. Have a wonderful day! Xoxo

    Rocio R.


  2. Thanks rocio! the ideas flow like crazy but the time is so consumed with the little ones! you're right, i need to just let them flow...and see what evolves. ;)


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