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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting (Can you FEEL it)


Title: Excuse me, your life is waiting
Author: Lynn Grabhorn
Genre: self-help
312 pgs

Based on The Law of Attraction but published prior to The Secret (2006), this book introduces the reader to the law of attraction. Grabhorn illustrates with various examples in her personal life when she was "attracting" much the same as she was giving.

Grabhorn emphasizes the strength of the Law of Attraction on one's ability to feel.  Whereas most other books emphasize the importance of thought. It begins with a thought but we might not be feeling the thought. We can be thinking, "Yes, I'll get that job!" but we could be feeling physically uneasy and tense about it;  feeling quite the opposite of that statement.

Grabhorns' program is much the same as Canfields' of The Success Principles (teacher on The Secret, 2005) on finding success through the Law of Attraction by listing your DON'T WANT'S in life, creating a WANT list and setting GOALS based on those wants.

Step 1: Identify what you don't want
Step 2: Identify what you do want
Step 3: Find the feeling place of your WANT
Step 4: Expect, listen, and allow the universe to deliver- and- (Step 4-A: Keep your..focus off those {negative} conditions)

Grabhorn goes one step further (Step 4A) to help you overcome your negative feelings, coined Thirty Days to Breakthrough:

1) Keep your focus off negative situations, events, people and KEEP IT OFF
2) Establish a "flip-switch" topic such as something about yourself to appreciate and meditate on that for the whole day.

The idea behind "flip-switch" is to get your mind from something negative onto something positive, more soothing, and keep it there. She suggests this program of mind for thirty days.

DONT DO's from the book:

"Don't try to find the ugly, dark, nasty causes of whatever it is you think is wrong with you. Stop it! All you are doing is giving more attention to what you don't want."


"Allow yourself time in each day to dream, desire, imagine, intend, want, and time to flow energy to them all, flow energy to them all, flow energy to them all."

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