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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top Three TV Shows

Be warned, I don't indulge in reality tv (one exception: Jersey Shore and occasional channel surfing tidbits) and I don't like much of the gossip shows. I do indulge far too much in Spongebob (it makes the kids happy) and all this translates to my inexperience as a regular television watcher.

Without further ado, the countdown:

{Photo credit: TV.com}

{03} Bones.  I know it's uncommon to find six super sexy people canoodling in laboratories but you have to admire Agent Bones' quirky intellectual talk, which makes her doubly sexy. And it's almost a must after my next two favorites.

The Office
{Photo Credit: TV.com}

{02} The Office. The intro. song, the quirky (cookoo?) characters, the close link to reality. This is the kind of reality I like, actors acting the way real people would act. 

{ Photo credit: FX Networks}

{01} It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It doesn't get funnier than this. My words just wouldn't suffice.

The End

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