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Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Your Grub On {Camarones Aguachile}

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I can't resist. Despite efforts to refrain from blogging about food, I've caved in.

Afterall, wonderful Mexican blood runs through my veins and I am fortunate enough to have been raised since my infancy on all the sweet (sour?) delicacies the world craves (nay acid-reflux sufferers).
So, while yes, I lack sufficient content under Anti-Depressive Decorating, Re:loved (Before & After's) and my Freebies could use a little more picante, I love to share. My husband's recipe to follow:

Camarones Aguachile
2 lb. shrimp  (bagged variety will work)
12 limes
12 serrano chilies (Spicy factor: high. You can reduce the number of chilies)
1/2 purple onion
pinch garlic salt
salt (as needed)
cucumber (optional)
avocado (optional)

Remove shell from shrimp. Set aside.
Squeeze the juice out of your limes, set aside.
In a blender, add the serrano chilies, 1/2 onion, add lime juice, garlic salt and salt. Blend it up. Add salt as needed. A water consistency is the norm hence the name aguachile.

Dice up your cucumbers and avocado and toss it into the mix. Serve on homecooked tostada or tortilla chips.

Ah, yes, How was your Super Bowl Sunday? Mine was super. I ate good food, listened to some David Bowie while I ate my grub. Tuned in to The Black Eyed Peas at halftime, ran 15 minutes after all the commotion and then off to bed.

Happy Monday!

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