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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Branding. Yeah, it's for you too.

Deckorate logo design process by JC

 H ow does branding categorize itself under Anti-Depressive Decorating? Simple. Branding is all about you, your personality, be you a business entity or a family or a single person entity, you are a business in and of itself.

Branding is the image, personality, aura you give yourself via your home, stationary, voicemail recordings, the music which fills your home, the scents which escape from your window sills. Branding is all about YOU.

For the past month my husband has been busy building a custom deck and was inspired with a new business name, Deckorate which would tailor exclusively to custom decks. My absolute favorite part of starting a new business is the creation of the name itself because the branding process and attitude which accompanies a business begins.

For example, my last name is Castellanos, so I playfully branded our stationary as Casa Castellanos. For a name such as this, I could easily play up the famous Chanel logo.

I've since changed our brand name to Residencia Castellanos which, to me, gave an aura of an hacienda more so than Casa Castellanos, which translates to Home of the Castellanos.

Hasta Luego,

JC from LT   <--see, more branding

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