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Monday, March 28, 2011

What's SUP? {Fitness}

No, I'm not reverting back to elementary days where I'd  rewind the tape deck to repeat Summer Time by Will Smith over and over again while I doddled in my parents' swimming pool.

But I do share one common good with that teenie tiny version of me from days long ago, a love for water.

And although I no longer post in asymmetrical fashion Teen Beat images of New Kids On the Block on my bedroom walls, I have upgraded to posting images of worthy fit celebs here and in front of my home treadmill for inspiration.

And I continue to possess one trait with that little me, a necessity to make a short story long.

SUP is the acronym for Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Ever since I spotted an image of Aniston some years ago paddling away on the beaches in Mexico, I feel in love with the sport. I'd long forgotten about it until a dark haired dude sporting washboard abs paddled his way out of the lake and into the "beach" I'd  nestled on while my boys rode and kicked their dirtbike sand into locks of my hair.

What's my point, you ask? It's an ideal "sport". I enjoy the outdoors, I enjoy a good tan, and I, like the rest of the world, enjoy an enviable mid-section. Paddle surfing requires a good dose of core and arm and can be enjoyed equally standing up or kneeling. Should you tire out, whip out your fishing rod or just lounge back and enjoy the ambience that is nature.

It can be enjoyed equally in lakes, rivers and beaches. Consult Panga to begin your research.

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