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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Remodeling on the lowdown

guest bedroom bed seating view

My bedroom is getting an overhaul today but, alas, I'm not well equipped mentally to prepare in advance and detail the process.

There are perks to being the wife of a contractor: price discounts on carpet (and landscaping and...), the husband is equally inspired by home remodel and decor and there is never such a thing as spending too much on the home so long as the purchase is made at Home Depot, or at a bargain. Thank you Home Depot.

Yesterday, was normal, as usual, and then at around 8:00p my husband gets a call that a client cancelled her carpet installation. Thus, leaving the carpet sub-contractor with a wad full of carpet and a longing for a home to intall it in.

Since it was at a bargain price, and our bedroom carpet was in need of some major TLC and it gives us a reason to deadbolt the sucker of the room (the kids have coined our bedroom their primary living quarters), my husband declared the carpet ours.  I made a suggestion that the room would need a paint job to up the romance ante so my husband is painting our bedroom in Martha Stewart MSL309 (which I could find no where on this www) as we speak do whatever it is we are doing.

And so, if I have never said it before: I have the absolute best husband in the world. 

While researching what makes a room romantic, here's what I concluded:




Large headboards

Four post beds/ posterbeds

A rad room with a view.  And since most urban homes don't fit this criterion, make yourself useful and become that rad eyeful.

Add in some side lamps/chandeliers/mirrors:

And you can declare making babies your profession. 

In the words of Junie B. Jones (First Grader, and my son's favorite character) Wow-e-wow-wow.
Translation: I love this bedroom...

And this one...

beasley modern master bedroom

Image credits: HGTV


  1. Where is that black four post bed from? Lovely!

  2. Where is that black four post bed from? Lovely!


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