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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Have Heroes: Michelle Adams

Ms. Michelle Adams is one tenacious entity who upon graduation from college was hired by Domino Mag. In 2008, she left the magazine to open up her own sustainable textile company Rubie Green.
Followed by the launch of Lonny Mag in which she serves as editor-in-chief, paving the way for various other online magazines such as Rue, Matchbook and High Gloss.

She began her career as an employee in a pottery shop and was employed through college with Pottery Barn in the design studio. She earned her degree in advertising. When she realized she didn't want to pursue advertising, she continued her studies an additional four years for a major in textile design with a minor in interior design. {source: Daily Imprint}

Back in H.S., I had a deep respect for journalism, journalists and the written word. I kept every publication from my YM magazines to my ever coveted Domino Mags. I absolutely admire the tenacity and dedication of people such as Michelle Adams who pursue their dreams and continue aiming diligently.

In life, we are going to experience setbacks, but rather than give in to the idea of having devoted time and money to a degree she didn't care for, Michelle persevered and invested yet additional time and money to getting educated in her career choice.

Although many of us struggle with simply paying for a semester's worth at a local community college, there are always ways around it. That's the beauty of the arts, there really is no right or wrong way about it. If you love to write, write. If you love to sing, sing. Join your church choir. Many a great star began their journey within the church choir. If you love to dance, dance. J.Lo made a wonderful career out of simply a love for dancing {Remember her as a fly girl on In Living Color?}.

There are several reasons I began this blog. Ever since I was young I always traveled with a book, paper and pencil. I felt naked without them. I truly thought that I desired a career in journalism. After becoming a mother my interests shifted. However, I continued to enjoy the written word for its value in entertainment as well as getting educated. You're reading this now aren't you?

When I overcame my depression in 2007, I had visions of authoring a self-help book.
Since that venture seemed a little far fetched for someone who was "learning to live", the idea of a blog made perfect sense. I quickly realized my love for writing came about not so much as the idea of writing but more
so about the expression of my feelings. Hence, this is where we meet.

What's your dream and what are you doing about reaching out and grasping it?

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