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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Camilla Engman {illustrator}

I think it was several months ago when I spotted a little paper cutout of  Monsieur Moustache (pictured above) seated at a piano that I felt that aha! moment of knowing that if I couldn't make it as an illustrator for my own picture book one day, I was happy to know there were illustrators out there that fit my quirky aesthetic perfectly. I printed, cut and pasted the little guy to my inspirational notebook and forgot to jot down the source from where I found him. Just this morning I googled foxes (I have foxes on the brain), I liked a picture of a fox I spotted for Uppercase magazine and from there it lead me to an image I liked from Ms. Engman's and headed over to her site. Imagine my excitement when I found this:

) see the little fox dancing happily?!?! (

All items available here. Her blog here.

Yummy goodness right?

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