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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Barn Doors

I adore the look of barn doors, especially how unconvential they are.
On our first Christmas together, I bought my husband a beautiful, vertically standing, frosted dvd player (years ago) as opposed to a bulky, dual vhs/dvd player listed for the same price. "Why?"  my mother-in-law asked. Because it was gorgeous and added style to our home setting and that was far more important to me than more options.             

Occasionally I indulge in watching Good Luck Charlie with my kids because the set is oozing with ideas. From the bright green interiors, to the chalkboard painted refrigerator complete with colorful scribbles, to the Sasquatch of a barn door in their den, the set is amazing!

Barn door how-to  here.

Above, Photo credit: Apartment Therapy. Below, Good Luck Charlie photo: FanPop }

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