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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[Fitness] Have you heard of Body for Life?

Kelly Adair
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Body for Life is based on the book Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength written by Bill Phillips. The book covers diet, weight training, cardio and a healthy dose of material on mental power and tools to get started.

I first picked the book up in 2000. I was depressed and insecure at the time, excessively thin ( I know that's the opposite of most cases but I'm latina, I was suppose to have meat on my bones). When I finally turned 18, and started working, my first investment was in joining the gym. I didn't know a thing about working out so I explored different literature to educate myself on the ethics of gym life. And then I stumbled upon this book.

This book has been an invaluable resource. It taught me proper technique, proper eating habits and introduced me to routine, which I desperately needed. The challenge and opportunity to make $25K was also a great incentive for getting started. I continue to follow the principles outlined in the book, and it's been 10 years! It's my workout bible and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who isn't yet physically active or active but not seeing results.

Exercise, esp. cardio is a valuable tool if you experience depression. Depression is an internal affair but working out gets your blood going and oxygen pumping through your overall being and you feel amazing. After regular physcial activity I didn't even think or feel depressed. A few short months after working out, I met my husband at the gym. He also testifies to the power of being physically active as a wonderful tool for total health, mental included.

This book combined with a quality program geared toward depression such as "Attacking Anxiety & Depression", and you'll see results almost immediately.

I leave you with additional inspiration:

               2009 Featured Challenger Group
               Steffany Hodges
Bill Phillps has also authored other books such as Transformation: The Mindset You Need. The Body You Want. The Life You Deserve. Or visit him at his website by clicking here.

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