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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3D Box Surprise {For V-Day perhaps?}

I prize out-the-box thinking which is why I made a birthday card in a box. (Does that make sense?)

[Continue reading for the how-to]

+cardboard box (any size)
+construction paper (various colors)
+paper airplane image (google airplanes)
+a photo of your choice

For the "picnic blanket" I use two different colors.
{01} Cut a square (1st color) to your preferred size
{02} With an x-acto blade, make horizontal slits about 1" apart and 1/2" from the border
{03} Make slits of paper about 1" thick (2nd color)
{04} Weave Paper#2 through Paper#1

For the "cake" I made two circles, one larger and one smaller, out of a slits of paper and taped the back together. I taped the cake to the picnic blanket.

{01} Line the interior of your box with your color choice, I chose blue for the sky.
{02}Line the bottom of your box with green paper
{03} Make "grass" and line  the bottom-back of the box with it
{04} Glue down your "blanket"

{01} Cut out kite shape from red paper
{02} Make two small slits of paper to back the "backbone" of the kite
{03} Glue or tape string to the back of the kite

{01} Glue your airplane to the background and attach a string of paper and write your message
{02}Cut out mini birds from your paper and glue them to the background
{03} Add a special picture to make the card feel "alive"
{04} Line the exterior "doors of the box for additional space to convey your message


((( pss. happy birthday mama. i love you. )))

{Photos by La Tendedera}

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