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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Los Angeles {missing home}

Today's post took a little longer for two reason: (1) I couldn't quite narrow down my favorites, particularly foods to the span of one page and (2) I got very hungry attempting to.

After yesterday's post, which was a project completed in the Toluca Lake area, I was reminded of how we'd stop and enjoy a cubano sandwich from Porto's {#4} and then my thoughts spiraled around all good things yummy and happy.

01. Santa Monica. Yes, this one is over rated but there are so many fond memories attached to it. On one of our first dates I dared my then boyfriend (now husband) to skinny-dip into the water to show me how much he cared about me. It was about 50 degrees F. He skinny-dipped and our love affair began. Good times.

02. Dim-Sum. On Sunday's we had our routine of attending mass at the  Cathedral and den sum dim-sum at Cbs Seafood. We'd order all the dim-sum and sticky rice we could eat and it never exceeded $25. It was bliss.

03. Travel Town . Settled in Griffith Park (and with free entry) this was our every weekend getaway. The boys would spend hours here. We even held their conjoined #1 & #3 birthday party here.

04. Porto's. The first Porto's was in Glendale, CA. We lived here for our first two years as a young married couple. I'd order the cubano sandwich, and guave and cheese strudel. We served both guave and cheese strudel and potato balls for the boys' birthday party.

05.Eaton Canyon. Nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains, it was a close range to home and home to itty-bitty cute tadpoles (then frogs) come the spring months. At the end of our 1+ mile hike, we  were treated to a waterfall and a small body of water to splash in.

06. Mi Lindo Nayarit.  This is my favorite place as far as restaurants go. They served amazing pescado zarandeado which is basically a grilled fish cooked in a paste of chili and garlic. Amazing.  We'd start with oysters and camarones ahogados. Heaven. Be warned, this place is very  No Reservations material.

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