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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Proclamation Organization

(1)(2)(4)(5) Real Simple (3) Flickr (6) Martha Stewart

 So we hear it all the time, declutter the home, declutter your thoughts and well, this one is very true.
In 2008 I devoted nearly the entire year to developing a place for everything and everything in it's place. It was a tough ! I hadn't planned on an entire year on the project... that's how long it just took.

Some years back, when I was in an emotional rut, a friend came over and so I tidied up the place (boxes juxtaposed in a corner) and she said, "Wow, you're really getting there." And I thought,  What?!? I am there. This  IS neat. Those were some pretty rough years.

{5 Personal Favorite Ideas}

1 Color-coded calendar. I love color coding esp. his/hers items. Pink for her. Blue for him. Yellow for the boys. See no. 6. Martha Stewart had the amazing idea of creating a Post-it calendar, a color-coded Post-it calendar. Brilliant.

2 Trays. Trays for liquor. Trays for mail. Trays for eveyday stationary writing. Trays for that kids' art project. Trays galore.

3 Excel spreadsheets. I keep a color-coded internet Password cheat sheet in my everyday journal/to do book. Blue=bills & banks  info. Pink=personal site passwords. Green=family sites. etc. etc. etc.

4.Everyday Journal/To Do book. So I keep a little journal with me everywhere.   I jot down ideas for my next blog, my to-do list, books I want to read, movies I want to see. It's where I used to keep all my inspirational photos before LT. I have amassed about 8 journals in a year. Yes, really.

5 Folders. I keep large 3" binders to store everything in a cabinet in the kitchen. Binder no. 1 VIP paperwork. Binder no.2 Kids' artwork 2007. Binder no. 3. Kids' artwork 2008. Binder no. 4 Kids' artwork....you catch my drift.

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