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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Re:loved - New Use for Old Tape Deck

<cue the twilight zone music>

In the spirit of Real Simple's New Uses For Old Things, some things don't need to be refashioned, just repurposed.

Take this old tape deck for example,: he was sitting all alone and abandoned at my workplace freebie table. Nobody wanted him, and I don't blame them. Who the heck collects/keeps old tapes anyway?  < hides collection >

I snatched this little guy because, I'm guilty. I still collect old tapes, especially when my local library is selling them for 10 cents. Score! The latest one was a  James Bond theme songs tape (and a Lionel Richie, The Sounds of Halloween and...). But that's not the point. Behold, organization maximus:

Forgive the cartoon-esque design. I commited every photographer faux-pas this morning. I photographed in the dark, early a.m. hours, without lighting plus some urgency.

This old tape deck now holds my collection of letter and number stencils, some paper scraps and some easter cards I made...but never sent out. I tell you, organization (and planning) is a beautiful thing.

On another note,  tapes themselves have several uses, right? You can use it as a blank tape and create your own tape mixes. Oh, you've outgrown that too?  I still think tapes are pretty nifty.  Where else can you create a music mix for free (The library? Your mp3 collection? Good point.) ? Who cares if the songs were a little off from one another: Boys 2 Men, La Di Da Di (Doug E. Fresh) , techo, Salt 'n Pepa. Come to think of it, those all did go pretty good together. Ah, the 90's. 

What 90's hits did you love that might inspire others to find on tape purchase on mp3?


  1. Awww I haven't seen a tape deck in years! I think my parents finally got rid of them all 15 years ago. Lol. :P

    This is a great idea though. :) And omg 90s music will always hold a special place in my heart. Hehe.

  2. How sophisticated of your parents! :)

    I think this might be triggered more to the late 80's...tapes have been out for a long while.

    In any event, that makes these little guys more easily available for cheap at the thrift stores.


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