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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I forgot my camera, so I'm learning to screenprint

Two things:

01. After taking photos of my project this morning, my battery died.

02. When my battery was charged, I discovered I forgot my camera's USB cable.

What did I learn? Have some post ideas ready for emergency situations. But you know what? When you love your posts, it's not that easy to part with your original idea for the day.

I also learned, again, that organization (and planning) is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I cannot say that enough.

In any event, I've been dying to learn how to screenprint. I usually prefer to tackle something on my own accord first; I'm like the homemaker who cleans her home before the housekeeper comes.

I came across a couple of video tutorials, this being the first. And I snuck it in at the workplace so I didn't have the sound on and I'm crossing my fingers there was no headbanger/heavy cursing music in the background, just in case you're at the office with the speakers set on high.

This version seemed simplistic enough (some nasty comments on YouTube used the expression ghetto).   Obviously, I'd have chosen a different design, but it's still a nice little intro/cheap version video for silkscreening. This, of course, being said by an amateur.

The video:

Or read this No Media Kings tutorial here.



  1. I'm sorry about your camera mishap! I've definitely been there. :S

    This screenprinting looks like fun! The video makes it look very easy and cheap. What a great idea! :)

  2. Ms. Jennifer Fabulous, thank you for your wonderful contributions. People like you are what push me to post even when I goof, and lack adequate resources (camera). ;)


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