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Friday, April 29, 2011

Re:loved - Pencil Pouch

When I was a kid, my mom had hidden away in her make-up drawer a cute little keychain with the words,  "Break in case of emergency" on it's cover and it's contents was this itty bitty little plastic pouch. A tiny plastic coin purse? A little cap?  It was a condom.

I carried this little thing around, it might have even hung as an adornment on my backpack. All I know is that it was cute and it was mine. Finder's keepers.

I was young, really young, and I think it was only last week I found out it was a condom (And I'm partly kidding - it was two years ago).

What's the moral of my story?

01. Kids can do some crazy things by definition of an adult, so keep your drawers, and mouths (language) clean.

02. It was the inspiration for this little design. Don't ever take an experience for granted. You or your kid might make something awesome out of the experience some day...    
Yes, it is still a pencil pouch, but so much more. As described, take it out in an emergency for your little ones. Such as when you decide to muster the courage and enjoy a family dinner at a semi-fancy restaurant.

Stock it up with paper scraps, a pair of kid safe scissors, some Mad Libs (or homemade MadLibs, try:  My favorite blog is insert noun/name because the author is  insert adjective  and  insert adjective ), or cut out mini coloring pages. I bought my pencil pouches from a thrift store for 25 - 50 cents.

In any event, it might be helpful to keep one handy just in case there is a kid you are being seated next to in an airplane, or DMV. It'll help keep the noise level next your ear to a minimum. And you'll look ultra sweet in the process. Isn't that what we're all here on earth to be?

Or, just use it as a make-up pouch, whatever suits your fancy.

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