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Friday, April 29, 2011

DIY + Restaurant Kit (For Kids)

Everything is a little funner when it's got some allure to it. 

Think Target vs. Walmart debate. Do I prefer pretty pink/pastel overhead decor or navy-blue-with-yellow-color-combo-and-smiley-face. I can see where Walmart thought smiley faces might conjure up festive shopping but....pretty beats smiley anyday, at least in my book. A true win-win: pretty and smiley.

For this DIY, the clear plastic pouch (girls version) I picked up from my local thrift store, circa 1997, seemed to work best as it holds the paper design securely.

Upon searching through my beloved Amazon site, I came across nothing recognizable. There were, however, some pretty looking pouches ready-to-go leaving you with only the goods stuffing, which I bet you're pretty awesome at.

Tools + Materials:

+pencil pouch (clear plastic works best for above design)
+boy or girl template (to achieve the above design)
+scraps of paper: plain, lined, graph, construction

+mini coloring pages (or take inspiration from this)
+mad libs
+mini chalkboard
+kid-safe scissors
+Bendaroos or pipe cleaners ( a much cheaper alternative)

01. Stuff away
02. Stuff in purse
03. Never leave home without it
04. Enjoy watching the little ones get creative

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing this week with me.

Love your babies, kiss your hubby, tell your mom (and dad) how much you love her (and him) and mail that card, even if it's "too late".

Is it just me or are you also absolutely loving Super Targets everywhere?


  1. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! :)

    And I totally agree, I'm loving all these Super Targets! I have two on both sides of my apartment (both about 5-10 minutes away) and I have to restrain myself from going to one every day! LOL!

  2. TWO Targets?! The word 'restrain' suits me equally. ;)

    Thank goodness for that dollar section! I always grab a pretzel and hummus snack in the grocery section as I browse for inspiration, delicious...


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