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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bikes, Hikes and Such. No, Just Bikes.

Summer is officially here! And nothing spells summer like a bike, unless you spell beach, or swimsuits or lakes....but you get my point.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a beautiful before and after tale detailing the crafting of my very own beach cruiser.

While we were in the midst of revamping the old bike, I couldn't help but allow my mind to wander around all things lustful related to my bike.

 01. leather streamers  02. leather peddles (!)  03. an old fashioned bell  04. a camera mount (how dreamy would it  be to capture the images of your little ones-or big one- from behind...) 05. a flower accessory (easy breezy DIY there, wouldn't you say?) 06. surfboard rack

I realize a fancy little basket for the front is missing, that's because I already got the nifty little guy.

For your very own bike inspiration and for the details of all the above items visit the Electra bike site.

What's your summer project? What?!?! You don't got one? Let the bike project tomorrow inspire you...

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