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Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Minute...30 Minutes...What Can you Squeeze In?


Whatever it takes, a nice pair of sneakers, a comfy pair of sweatpants, an mp3 prepped with all the Black Eyed Peas tunes, get them ready because that's all it'll take to squueze in some exercise throughout your day.

Your situation might differ slightly given your location of  employment but the idea is generally the same: there is time to squueeeeze in some TLC for you..in the form of exercise during work hours.

In my situation, our summer hours are extended which basically sucks because rather than soaking in the sun, I'm chilling my day away in 60 degree weather. Yesterday I came across an article on Web md (which I tweeted about here) about exercises that you can complete while sitting at your desk.

My issue is that I don't want to be glued to my seat. Which is what prompted me to undertake some changes:

(1) Walk - On your coffee break, on your restroom break, on your lunch break, walk. Walk around the building, walk within the building (if it is large enough), walk to Subway (or other favorite healthy eat out place - and in relation to Subway: skip the cheese and mayo...). The point is, just walk.

(2) Run UPSTAIRS- On your lunch break, or throughout the day, in one minute intervals run up and down the stairs.

(3) RUN on your lunchbreak. I personally always squeeze in a salad at my desk before  "lunch" and then clock out to walk to complete some errands on my break. It'll be really nice to run.

(4) Jumping Jacks -  in one minute intervals, escape to the restroom and perform one minute of jumping jacks or simulated jump rope (jump and move your hands as if you were jumping rope).

(5) Shadow boxing - again, in one minute intervals, escape to the ladies restroom once again and perform one minute of shadow boxing. You'll feel these on your shoulders, upper back, biceps. It's an awesome exercise for all around upper body. Squat a bit to get the lower body involved.

(6) ABS - there are a myriad of exercises out there, DON'T excuse yourself and say you don't know of any. Just pick ONE and perform 15 reps of each one throughout the day.  Escape to the restroom (bring a towel-I don't care if it's stinky in there), or find an empty conference room or escape outdoors, whatever, just perform some abs. Some ab workout is better than no ab workout.  A slim waistline is a most coveted asset for a woman yet we neglect this area so much.

When undertaking anything, be prepared. Prepare yourself a gym bag for the car to stop at the gym after work. Leave a pair of sneakers and sweatpants or shorts in your drawer at work to change into for your 30 minute session. Get yourself a pair of Keds (or a cheap knockoff from Target) and keep them in your drawer to run up and down stairs for a minute.

Happy Sweating (which reminds me: pack some deodorant) !

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