A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones. - Proverbs 17:22

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three Days, Three Wishes...

In three days I will be celebrating a birthday. In three days I will be 29. In three days I will be reminded of how I still haven't done certain things I've wanted to do, and I haven't been who I've wanted to be.

Sometimes even those who desire to instill hope need some hope instilled in them.

A very limited version of my "bucket list":

1. Learn to surf

Even though I lived in California my whole life, I've never surfed. I lived about 20 miles from the coast and in my one hour of rest between school and work I would squeeze in some beach time. My commute totaled about 40 minutes as I drove the streets all the way to the coast, but it was totally worth it for 20 whole unniterrupted minutes at the beach.

Surfing embodies just about everything to me. Tranquility, activity, nature. My kids are serene and entertained at the beach. Life is good at the beach...and now I live 1.5 hours away from the beach and it isn't nearly as lovely as my home beach.  I wish I could return to life by the beach.

Anyhow, I could dream for ever on the topic. This upcoming month we'll be traveling to CA and the family and I will be taking our first lessons. I am so ever thrilled.

2. Be part of a choreography group...and learn to dance like one.

I grew up very sheltered and though I never desired the party scene for the purpose of drinking, I deathly desired to dance. Growing up latin, rhythmic beats were a huge part of my upbringing and I took a quick liking to salsa music.  In my bedroom, in the wee hours of the night, complete with headphones, I would dance the night away.

One night I accidentally unhooked myself while attempting some crazy move and obviously, woke the parents in a fright. The life of a hip hop dancer appealed to me because, again, it embodied a physically active lifestyle and I truly admire that.  How much funner it would be to dance my day away rather than dream of it behind a desk.

3. Take an acting class

When I was 12 and 13, my dad took me to one of those castings advertised on the radio.  I left feeling a little defeated because my parents weren't willing to invest into the headshots. It's kind of tough to shake these kinds of things off when the people express interest in you and your parents tell them no.

I'm sure they tell everybody that they like them but somehow being told felt really nice and I never did quite shake off the idea or interest in pursuing acting.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

What's on your bucket list?                                                                                                   


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