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Friday, September 30, 2011

Teaching LOA to Kids

When I was a teenager and struggling with depression, I attempted to 'cure' myself by reading a ton of self-help books. This was back in 1996 so the book The Secret and The Law of Attraction hadn't become mainstream material just yet.  However, I can attest to the power that positive thinking had. In fact, I overcame my depression even before I ever read The Secret.

After I read it, I realized that the foundation of the program I used to overcome my depression was based on positive dialogue and is also the premise to the law of attraction.  The nice thing about LOA (Law of Attraction) is that every person benefits from thinking positive. Realistic and positive.  When your mind is not jumbled with what's wrong you can focus on making things right.

But I didn't want to keep this 'secret' to myself. I wanted to introduce my children to the concept as well.  I researched ways to teach children (or unaware adults) and I came across a site that used the light switch as an example. I came up with this:

Feelings are energy.

You either transmit positive energy or negative energy.

The effort is the same.

You can turn "on" positive feelings (light the way), or you can turn them off (and be in darkness).

I came home just the other day and introduced the concept to both my boys. The older one got it, the younger one got the gist of it but I'll review it with him time and time again until he's ready.

For my older child, I took it one step further. I created a simple worksheet. See below:

Esp. since my oldest son is dyslexic, I needed the worksheet to be very basic, in pictures. 

Sad face or "-"  =   a negative thought he had in the day

Happy face or "+" = turn the negative thought into a positive statement.

Personal example:

 -  Negative statement he said, "I'm so stupid. Everyday I tell myself I'm stupid."

 +  Positive (turn it around) statement:  "I'm not stupid, I'm dyslexic. All this means is that I learn differently."

At the bottom of the page the child can circle their overall feelings for the day. 

If you notice a child tends to circle sad, then he might be experiencing some depression.

If the child circles the angry face, then this child might require being taught meditation. I came across this article for an idea on exercising meditation with children (or yourself).

If the child circles the bored face (the one yawning in the center) then he might need  more stimulation in his day, more sunshine, more physical activity.

If working with a child, relate to the child by filling in your own thoughts for the day and turning them around. If there are no children, consider trying this on yourself for a week and see what you come up with.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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