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Monday, October 10, 2011

Books + Illustration = Taro Gomi

Everyone Poops (My Body Science)

My Friends

" A one hump camel makes a one hump poop and a two hump camel makes a two hump poop...only kidding."

I'll never forget when my then three year old used to recite this little verse to me over and over again.
At the time I was far too concerned with struggles in potty training to dwell on someday having a collection of favorite authors and illustrators, but now that those days are behind us, I can embrace the authors who filled my little one's younger days with joy and laughter.

It was close to this time of year last year (when I first began this blog) that I wrote a post on Doodle books as the perfect gift for a child. My little ones have still not outgrown their love for all things crafty, peaceful and innocent.

Taro Gomi has the perfect assortment of doodle books to bring out the crafty in your child:

Doodle all Year, Scribbles and a paper punch out book such as Taro Gomi's Play All Day. Or you can check out Taro Gomi's site for free printables and additional books by the author.

Happy Monday.

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