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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pouf, where'd the magic go?

french pouf alternate view

Remember when Fox station began airing Magic Secrets Revealed some years back, unveiling all the 'secrets' about magic?  I kind of feel that way when presenting this post, exposing the magic.

I became enamored with the above poufs exploding everywhere, or it just seemed that way to me because I desperately wanted one, but I wasn't willing to cough over a chunk of my laborous funds (it takes considerable effort to live the routine life) especially when I knew it could easily be duplicated for a fraction of the cost.

And while I kind of had an idea about how to achieve the design, putting together pieces of clothing isn't/wasn't really my forte. I love clothing design, it's design related but it still intimidates me.
I just can't imagine tearing sweet little swatches of tulle and butchering it's delicate perfection. 

If you're ready to give it a try, check out this DIY utilizing an old t-shirt.

Source: Prudent Baby
If you're not really up for the challenge, or if shredding tulle intimidates you, or you just want to soak in some eye candy, you can always head over to the Ban.do site, where I originally became enamored with the pouf among other delectable goodies.

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