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Monday, November 28, 2011

Global Vintage + Romans 14

Diva Ikat Curtain | World Market

Excuse me for being a bit on the busy and distracted side. I took an early vacation beginning Thursday. Did a lot of praying, then we traveled to Florida for one day to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my distant loved ones. It was the most blessed vacation we have ever taken. I hope your holiday was equally enjoyable, if not, God can provide. I know because I asked.

We were hesitant to take this mini vacation. We haven't had many opportunities to gather with family, and the times we have, it has not been pleasant. This time we didn't ponder on it too much. We did pray about the situation everyday (five days leading to the big day) at mealtime, at bedtime, and right before we arrived. We attended church the last Sunday before our holiday and asked for some additional support. We were lead to Romans 14. To summarize, Romans 14 is about a call to do what leads to peace. "Who are you to judge...he who God died for?" It was a reminder that God died not just for us, but for the sister you quarrel with, for the neighbor who jolts your nerves, etc.

But since I have been lacking in design and DIY and anything pretty (or any posts for that matter), I decided I would also share this design personality quiz (found over at Young House Love) from the Nate Berkus site. I am Global Vintage. Pleasure to meet you.  I always assumed I was Rustic Modern. It turns out the rustic is me, the modern is he -  the hubby. With this in mind, I will attempt to splatter my home with a blend of global, old world charm my husband does not approve of because I am no longer Rustic Modern. I am Global Vintage ...and I go in peace. ;)

Image: Ikat curtains from World Market... because I just learned I'm a worldly decorating kind of girl. Hear my roar.

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