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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holli Conger {illustrator}

Once upon a time I was a stay-at-home-mom, looking back, it was the most blissful 18 months of my life. I don't know how working mom's manage to do it all. I do it (the working mom part) but I don't feel as though stuffing my face with multiple cups of stale coffee,  sneaking in a candy bar here and another meeting leftover sandwich there, while eagerly awaiting Friday...on Monday, is the definition of handling it successfully. I to have dreams of one day returning to that status of stay-at-home mom while working on some type of artsy and far more fulfilling career in life...from home.

I was so inspired when I came across Holli Conger and her site http://www.becominganillustrator.com/ where she features her life story at becoming a stay-at-home illustrator. Or you can read about her blog A Girl Who Creates or her professional site here.  Her work can be found at Target. How inspirational is that?

Leer en espanol ---->

Hace tiempo tuve el orgullo de poder quedarme en casa con mi pequeno por un par de meses.  Reflecionando un par de anos despues, fueron loe mejores 18 meses de mi vida. Aun tengo deseos de regresar a casa con un trabajo artistico que permita trabajar de mi casa.

Fue inspirante poder encontrar el sitio de Holli Conger, una ilustradora con varios productos en venta en tiendas como Target.  Puede visitar su sitio Como Ser Illustradora aqui o leer su blog aqui o su pagina profesional aqui.

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