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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ye 'Ol Target


There's more than meets the eye here.  Clearance online is one thing, but the clearance rack in the Electronics section at your local Target, that's a whole different story.

I regularly browse the items here. There's always an array of the overstocked items, such as xbox games, mp3 accessories, laptop speakers, and my favorite, the returned items.  I scored a 22" Sylvania flatscreen tv originally priced for $229 for $165.  The packaging isn't as "pretty" because, as the tag mentions, it's been previously opened.  If that's the case and your looking to gift it to someone, I suggest you get creative with overall wrapping presentation. 

My suggestions:

(1) Take it out the box and put a big bow around it (like in those fancy Lexus holiday commercials-finally!) but keep it hidden away until Christmas Day or other day...

(2) If it needs to be delivered, take it out the original packaging and place it in a microwave box, or something less exciting, and then wrap it in a big bow inside the box. Suprise! Not so sucky present after all.

(3) If the original packaging is plain old ugly, make it pretty.  Here's a Flickr with some pretty & original wrapping ideas.

The Clearance site for online Target:

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