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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Local Indie Station

What I'm Loving Today...

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My local indie station.  Back home, in CA, I made it a habit of listening in on something not so mainstream, and out arose my love for things indie.  I still rock to the tunes of Fergie while sweating it up at the gym during circuit training, but somehow, the likes of Fergie and Gaga don't seem to mesh all that well during work hours (at the office) or while enjoying my dinner, or while reading, or well, at most any other times. 

After a day at the office, I just want to get in my car and ...relax.  My local indie station serves up a ton of soft electronic (which is like new age jazz to me), some reggae, some classical, and some plain old funky stuff sometimes, but it's all in the same, like when your local pop station throws in that new Enrique Iglesias song for the fifth time in one hour.

My local station is on the brink of being sold, and well, that's pretty sad.  I'm a traditional kind of girl, I'm not crazy about Facebook, I prefer a handheld book I can skim through pages and smell (yes, I'm odd), and I really miss my plain old cd player.  So now that Houston want's to do away with my indie station, well that just isn't cool.

If you've never given your indie station a try, I suggest you do, unless you're afraid of falling in love. [Warning: most things on the indie station are somewhat experimental and cool, so if you fear that...well, I just don't know what to tell you]

Please support my local indie station (and yours) and fight to keep it alive.

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