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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For the Kids...

     LRG  - An Alphabetic Ode to Helvetica

LRG  - An Alphabetic Ode to Helvetica

C an I hear an alleluya for kids prints? It's so refreshing to spot designers dedicating themselves to children's design. And though there's a ton of design versatile enough for both babes and moms, it's nice to know someone out there is targeting kids only.

     Alphabet Border Print
And a smart move. Any good mom is willing to invest into and create a place of whimsy and relaxation for their little ones, with or without decor. Whimsy comes from the heart, right?

Photos and design by Modern Pop.


  1. Very cool prints! I love the colors!!! Xoxo ♥

    Rocio R.


  2. I agree, the vivid colors are real sweet.


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