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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Inspiration...


  S  ome years ago via Domino Mag, I was introduced to the amazing site HomeGirlsAustin and it epitomized everything I had been longing to be, do and have.

I was crazy busy at the time (much like today) raising two rambunctious toddlers.  But my love for all things recycled, repurposed and reloved dates way back to my younger days before Etsy; a trait I'm sure I share with most Etsians.

I hold on to the illusion of someday owning a brick and mortar business, but first I need to overcome my fear of committment (lucky for the husband, he's a keeper for keeping me on my toes).

I admire the beauty, aesthetics and, most importantly, the dedication of true brick and mortar businesses where you can often catch me caressing their possessions.

More inspirational stores:



Photos by AT Marketplace.

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