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Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Hunting...


I'm super antsy about Easter. 

This year I started prepping ideas and purchasing goods in advance.  I'm always anxious about sending my niece and nephews some little surprise in the mail but somehow (lack of preparation) in the midst of it all, the manifestation eludes my attempt.

I'm more so inspired by the making of sweet treats and goodies but finding the time presents an issue. In this case, the above is an idea to spark your imagination. The crafting of a bookmark on your own can be an attainable event if your little heart so desires, or a sweet little book to accompany it would make a nice surprise.

Toys:  left, bookmarker for boys; right, rhino both from Petite Alma.

Confetti-filled cones:

The above image was attained via Shop Sweet Lulu. The site alone is a wealth of inspiration and supplies for crafting mini fiestas.  Another variation I came across (but I can't recall the credit, sorry!) was a marshmallow stuffed cone. How fun!

I personally have a hyper-active little guy and I know how haywire the little ones can get under the influence of sugar, in this event, a medley of stickers might do the trick.

pink treats

Easter Treat Chicks: Or check out this super cute idea via The Crafts Dept. utilizing vending capsules (also available at Shop Sweet Lulu).

chocolate bunny close up

Or this one also from the Crafts Dept. utilizing chocolate bars.

Or try this, via Teach Preschool activity, just don't dress them in their Sunday best for this one.

Happy Crafting + Monday!


  1. cool little ideas! I promise I won't dress them in their Sunday best :-). Happy new week to you, JC


  2. haha. but they would look so adorable in their sunday best. ;)

    Happy week Maria!

  3. These are such cute ideas! I kind of wish I knew a little munchkin to give presents to. Lol. As an only child I have no nieces and nephews, and none of my friends have kids old enough yet! :P

    PS. I really loved your comment on my guest post over at Ocean Dreams. I agree, social networking sites really take the mystery out of life sometimes, which is really sad...

  4. Hey Ms. Jennifer Fabulous!

    Since this isn't applicable to you, check this out:


    A flower-filled cone for one of your girlfriends. Or sneak a little easter egg chick under boyfriend or mom's pillow.

    They'll be equally, pleasantly surprised ( so long as its not the paint-filled one!)


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