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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something for the Little Poopers (aka Pup, Pooch, Perrito)


This is the first time ever that the kids have  attempted to help out with chores pertaining to puppy.

It's been adorable to watch my seven-year old  make squishy, semi-gagging faces while picking up pup's poops, and equally adorable to watch as my five-year old almost embraces the icky smells. Gross, but adorable.

They'd taken up the task of feeding pup but somehow leaving it up to their little hands to cup handfuls of dogfood straight from the bag from garage to kitchen proved to be a little disastrous. Which is why I needed to undertake something to simplify the process, and make it look alluring enough to sit in my kitchen.

Behold, something for the little pooper:

He's golden. He's teal. No, he's a dogfood container. 

Here's the DIY:

+tin can
+spray paint (2 colors)
+x-acto blade

01. Head on over to your local thrift store, garage sale, yard sale and pick up one of these oversized, Christmas leftover popcorn containers. They're everywhere.

02. Get your puppy silhouette template here or create your own.

03. Cut the template out with an x-acto knife.

04. Spray paint the template to your desired color. I used metallic spray paint. You'll need this for the trim as well.

05. Spray paint your tin. I used Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze (left over from my Booklift project).

06. Since the tin is round, I didn't want to butcher it with a stencil so I decoupaged the thing. Notice the  Elmer's glue up top and paintbrush ( I learned to decouage from Ms. Martha here).

07. Decoupage: (a) brush a coat of glue on desired spot on tin (b) place design over glue spot on tin (c) roll it out to eliminate bubbles/wrinkles (sorry, facial wrinkles exempt) (d) brush a coat of glue over design, repeat five min. later  (e) brush a coat of polyurethane once design is completely dry.

08. Spray paint the trim with Metallic paint, or other color.

09. Get yourself a scoop like this one and fill with goodies.

The nice thing about this project is that's its versatile enough to be used as toy storage for blocks and legos and yes, it can be used for kitty too.


  1. This is adorable! I love the color. I wish I had your craftsmanship too. :)

  2. You can. This project is super super easy. The key is in having the right materials and tools at hand so when you're inspired, you hit the ground running..designing.


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