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Monday, April 11, 2011

Before & After : Booklift

Most people create pro and con lists for their place of employment with ideas that foster around salary and commute time. While my list does entail that, higher up on the pros and cons are where this position serves me in my creative endeavors and serves me in my role as mom.

Working for a school has its perks. If I must work, I have weekends off and my work schedule mimmicks the childrens' school hours almost exact. This is a plus for my role as mom.

But where does this present position serve me in my creative pursuits?  Outside of my office door (the ol' Principal's office) we have a freebie table. On this table you'll find all the old scraps people no longer have a use for such as frames and cups and fabric and tacky looking book lifts that don't match their home decor any longer.

But that's where this DIY chica comes into play and snatches every little homeless article I can re-love. I'm a total traditionalist so I haven't exactly done away with my handheld books in lieu for some Kindle. As for the other perks, there is a typewriter on site, and very pretty vintage children's books (circa 1950) to peruse through on my break.

The following is not a full DIY but the details for achieving the above design. The eyeglass design was inspired by this design and these pillows I saw on Design Sponge.

DIY details
+ Fellowes book lift
+spray paint (I chose Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze)
+Handraw your design

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