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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hacking Never Smelt So Good

Yesterday I made the impromptu decision to join my littlest one on his school field trip.  I reminded him every day for a week about his trip and asked him if he wanted me to join him.

He's a very independent little guy who's always talking about muscles, obsessed with The Hulk, and loves the smell of icky things, so it came as no surpise when he responded to my question with a semi-grudgingly, "you can go if you wanna, or you don't go if you don't wanna."

Fine. I was hoping for something a little more melodramatic like: please mama, join me, I can't live without you, like my seven-year old does.

My husband convinced me otherwise to join my little one, his face beamed with total joy, we had the time of our lives and I forgot about this little thing called job, or blog for the day.

With that I mind, it doesn't really matter if they act as though you're not everything, or that they've outgrown a certain "baby" toy because (1) their lying (or I've convinced myself such) and (2) I don't ever want them to grow-up, but since they will, I want these days to last.

And this comes with good timing because I'm revamping a playroom, and video games will not take the place of their lego's and trains.

So, where does this hacking business come into play? Here. Check out these playroom ikea hacking ideas via Ikea Hackers. Why? Because organization is a beautiful beautiful thing. And if you don't yet have children, you will one day cherish these ideas.

Choo-choo. Tutorial here.

Lego table

This table is sexy. (Do you know how difficult it is to keep those itty bitty lego's in one place?!?) DIY here.

Future Picasso?  Idea here.

Cool cubbie idea because who knew a war could be waged over one computer? A mom, that's who.
DIY  here.

Happy Thursday!


  1. These are adorable!! I think it would be so much fun to decorate children's rooms. There is so much that can be done, especially with all the new tables/desks that keep popping up!

  2. Same thing with clothes, once you spot something truly amazing, there's always something even cuter lurking around the corner.


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