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Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm not that big into scrapbooking. At least, not until now. Since my first born was one I've been itching to create a memory box to adorn the home with of his first onesie and cap. He's soon to be eight making this project long overdue.

Since I was already researching this project for myself, I thought I'd spit this out here for your use.

Ideas: Clockwise beginning top left: baby keepsakes, childhood keepsakes, family vacation, school days scrapbook via Martha Stewart.

Call me crazy (or a nerd) but I've still got all my ID cards from junior high through high school and I've been wanting to tackle a project featuring my many many mistakes looks. Maybe in the future I'll showcase those ID's, but we'll leave that for another day.

In keeping with the tradition, I'll return a little later for a freebie Friday. I hope.


  1. The first two images are darling! This post made me smile! I have been SO inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner at Dear Lizzy after reading her blog for months, she is the most amazing scrapbooker!

  2. I agree, the first two images are adorable. I also got a chance to check out Dear Lizzy and she has some lovely ideas.

    I adored the nautical baby outfit on your site as well, too bad my little ones have outgrown that age + stage. :)


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