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Monday, April 25, 2011

Free Your Mind...And Your Wallet Will Thank You.



Ah yes, more Target talk.

I actually had to write this post because I left out one key ingredient in this post on Before & Afters from Target. In case you already know, cup your little eyes and forget the latter and if you didn't know, you are welcome.

Did you know I can get into my local Children's Museum for free thanks to a partnership* from Target? And you can visit their site here to find which events are free (or reduced) in your area. By visiting your favored museum, zoo or aquarium site, you can research and find which hours and dates are free for you.

Other deals if you find yourself in the Houston, TX area:

Houston Zoo - free first Tuesday of the month, 2p - closing
Museum of Natural Science - free Tuesday nights, 2p-8p (ask for free tickets at booth)
Children's Museum -  free Thursday nights, 5p-8p; free first Sunday of the month, 12p-6p (c/o Target)
Museum of Fine Arts- free every Thursday (c/o Shell Co.), children free with Harris County library card on Sat. & Sun.

Because saving money, is right on target. And no, this was not sponsored by Target...but even  DIY divas need toilet paper. Or do you DIY that too?

Happy Monday!

*EDITING NOTE: My original post said sponsorship when it should have read partnership. Big ship, small ship, potato chip..


  1. Haha, cute post! I suppose you could DIY your own toilet paper. Cloth is an option.

    :) Haha. I think I'll stick with regular toilet paper.

  2. ewww, funny AND ewww (Picturing the non-liquid stuff)

    I think I was just inspired with an idea...just in case I DO forget to buy toilet paper. :D

    Would you make them eco-friendly and re-wash...just wondering. :)

  3. Oh, how cool! I had no idea Target was doing this sponsership. And I went to the site and my city was on top of the list! Lol. Apparently I can go to my favorite theatre and buy two tickets for the price of one on Saturdays. Awesome news! :P

    Thank you so much for letting me know about this site! xoxo

  4. Yay @ Jennifer Fabulous! To think I'd put this post off...

    Two tickets for the price of one on a SATURDAY?!?! Lucky you.


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