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Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh Organization { + New Experiences }

This weekend was chock-full of new learning experiences for me, nothing super big and enticing but my neurons were maxed out after the weekend:

Apparently Barney (as in the big purple dinosaur on PBS, circa 2003?)  is no where to be found anywhere near Houston Texas. I was asked to bring a Barney cake and gift for an impromptu birthday party this past weekend and the purple monster was impossible to find. So, if you're planning a Barney party in Houston, don't make it last minute. And if you do, and you know someone still crazy about Barney, your best bet is going to be the the thrift store...And on a side note, when my son was little and Barney was still big, there was this super cute little girl who went by the name of Gianna on the show. That cute little girl is Selena Gomez, who is originally from Texas.

And apparently stepping on catfish on Galveston Island is a common occurence. After 2.5 years out here in Texas, we finally made it out to Galveston Island this weekend.  And after close to 2.5 hours of being on the island, my youngest little guy stepped on a freshly released catfish who managed to pierce the sole of his foot.
We were fortunate to have bumped into an officer who dispatched for EMT's.  It's a good thing it wasn't super urgent because we waited around for a good 30 minutes for EMT's to arrive, who, unbeknowst to us, needed to wait for the ferry to transport them over and still drive around and find us.  They administered First Aid, which was basically a quick rinse and gauze. It was especially helpful that I had baby aspirin on hand.

Baby Aspirin has proved to be indispensible on more than one occassion.

A huge Ferry??!?! The fact that there is this huge ferry that transports you and about fifty other vehicles was so new to me. I remember in CA, we needed to pay to go dolphin watching. And on this magical ferry we got to see dolphins perform acrobatic-like stunts for free as we transported our car, dogs and our little bodies across the ocean, all for free. It was all so new to me, and probably old news to you but it was still mind-boggling to me. Apparently I've been living in a bubble.

We spoke to a total of four different people when the catfish incident occured and one out of two people had stepped on a catfish. I've never heard of it before (maybe because I've been living in that bubble). I'm only able to speak on the subject because everything turned out ok. And if this occurs to anyone else in the future, I thought I'd just let you know everything should be ok.

However, catfish out here are known to be very dirty and the risk of it being infected is always of concern. Everything appeared ok to EMT's, us and our little guy. And everything continues to be ok.

So, why images of organization? Because I've been super busy all weekend. Because being super busy usually equates to no time for housework, which equates to chaos. And those images are pretty soothing after a chaotic weekend.  I know life can get worse than living in a bubble for a good portion of your life, but when we can make life simpler to enjoy busy weekends...I'm all for it.

I don't have sources for the above images. I'd gathered them a few weeks ago. If you know where the images originally came from, please inform.

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