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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Resources: Life Reimagined Project + IKEA's Life Improvement Project

Calling Cards

While perusing the world wide web, I came across two nifty little resources. While over at the Crafty Gemini site looking for a DIY throw pillow envelope cover, an idea I'd seen recently on Sabrina Soto's new show The High Low Project, she gave a brief mention of a project called the Life Reimagined Project.

The Life Reimagined Project is a free site offering an opportunity to discover your calling utilizing a set of calling cards. With as little as fifteen minutes, you  narrow down your search to things that are most important to you in terms of career. It's an excellent little starter to kick-start learning a little more about yourself, or at the very least, reinforcing a truth you've already acknowledged but haven't pursued or knowing that you're on the right track.

Additionally, if you've ever dreamed of opening a non-profit or had a wonderful non-profit idea but no funds to begin with, IKEA is hosting  The Life Improvement Project. Have you ever wanted to save the dolphins? Teach orphan children about self-esteem or farming? Make backpacks for children in third world countries?

If you have an amazing idea, shoot on over to the site by clicking here or read their sweet little manuals for 'assembling a better life' by clicking here. If you came here looking for some design ideas, click on the manuals over at IKEA, frame them up, or clip 'em and hang 'em. Too dull? Add some color to them by splashing them with watercolors.

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Enjoy your Wednesday!

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